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ICICP X Proceedings

A Gentrification in Awiligar Dago as Result of Tourism Industry: An Ethnographic Study

Aulia Mauludi

The Effect of Internal Minor Stress on Marital Satisfaction in Indonesian Intercultural Couples

Dian Wisnuwardhani, Natazsa Octria Putri

Readiness for Change Reviewed from Intrapreneurship and Perception Career Development

I Gde Dhika Widarnandana, Sumaryono

Society and Taxes: An Exploratory Study of Fiscal Psychology

Ika Rahma Susilawati, Rahmat Hidayat

Effect of Mindful Parenting Program in Reducing Psychological Burden on Mother with Cerebral Palsy Children

I Rai Hardika, Sofia Retnowati

Gotong Royong in Indonesian History

Nicholas Simarmata, Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti, Bagus Riyono, Bhina Patria

Gotong Royong in The Millennial Era

Nicholas Simarmata, Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti, Bagus Riyono, Bhina Patria

Instilling Religious Knowledge and Practice as A Way to Prevent Deprivation Among Parmalim People as An Indigenous Religion Minority Group in Indonesia

Niesya Ridhania Harahap, Irmawati

Implementation of Karmaphala Value in Problems Solving Process of Migrant in Bali

Putu Yoga Sukma Pratama, Ni Made Swasti Wulanyani

Organizational Change and The Human Resource Challenges in Facing Technology Development

Theda Renanita, Fathul Himam

Technology 4.0 and Changes in Organizational Behavior in The Last Ten Years

Theda Renanita, Rahmat Hidayat

The Description of Communal Sharing on Working Wives With Work-Family Conflicts (Javanese Family) : Indigenous Psychology Approach

Triana Noor Edwina Dewayani Soeharto